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Product Name: Power Soft Package Clip 5V/60A 

Product Model: 02230JT-0001


The following sizes are for reference only

外型尺寸:72.5*60*18 mm 主要材质:防火耐高温PC+全硬磷铜镀金 适用机型:动力类软包电芯化成机 工作电流:0-60A 夹具内阻:≤10mΩ 环境温度;≤100C° 特 点:电流片采用8*8 片带齿0.5MM 全硬磷铜,具有非常好的弹性。电压片采 用1*1 片全硬带齿磷铜,能够很稳定的采集电压。接触弹片均表面镀 金防止氧化。总弹力2.5-3KG 之间。 固定方式:螺丝固定。

Outward Size: 72.5*60*18 mm Major Material: Fire-proof and high-temperature resistant PC+all-hard phosphorus-copper plating suitable model: Power type soft-pack coring machine working current: 0-60A fixture internal resistance: <10 m ambient temperature; <100 C: Current sheet using 8*8 pieces of 0.5MM all-hard phosphorus-copper with teeth, with very good elasticity. Voltage plate adopts 1*1 pieces of all hard-toothed phosphorus-copper, which can collect voltage very stably. Contact shrapnel is coated with gold to prevent oxidation.The total elasticity is between 2.5 and 3 KG. Fixing method: screw fixation.

产品名称:动力类软包电芯化成夹 5V 20A 产品型号:02230JT-0001